Calgary Chapter of the Council of Canadians – June 15, 2010 Monthly Meeting

Our next Council of Canadians Calgary Chapter meeting is scheduled for 7:30 pm, June 15, Wickenden Hall, 1703 –1st St. NW.
We seek your input at a roundtable planning discussion for our 2010/2011 season. We would like to hear from you!
What issues are at the top of your list and whom do you suggest for speakers? What do you think COC should be doing? As a starting point some topic ideas are listed below.
Mel Teghtmeyer
Topic Ideas:
· Education Policy:
o Approve teachers pay increases then freeze school board budgets
o Fund private schools / de-fund public schools
· Health Policy:
o Promote Private Investment while wait-lists grow
o Make payments on behalf of HRC? Who is Cambrian?
o What & where is the health policy? Direction?
o When & Where are the health consultations and who’s invited?
· Resources versus the Environment:
o Do foreign tarsands owners care about the environment?
o When & Where are the Water Act meetings and who’s invited?
o What happened to the royalty review and new royalty schedule?
o Is the green policy to spend billions on carbon capture? Is this corporate welfare what the public wants?
· Democracy and Good Government:
o Need for proportional representation
o Which mayoralty candidate won’t sell our public assets (electricity and water) to the highest bidder?
o Government Spin, the PAB, and missing news
· Banking and Free Trade Agreements
o Is every FTA about making global banking the powerhouse?
o Does extreme wealth and extreme poverty follow FTAs?
o Is the purpose of national governments to bail out international banks?
· Philanthropy
o Should the public rely on philanthropists to fund the social system?
o Why don’t we have a progressive tax system to fund the social system?
o What do you do with $1,000,000 a week? Get your name on a public building!
· Is Corporate Social Responsibility a reasonable idea?
FYI – Our May meeting featuring Donald Gutstein and Marci McDonald was covered by Penny Kome in