Opposition to the Canada-European Union free trade negotiations on a “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” (CETA) is getting louder as we approach the next round of bilateral trade talks in Ottawa this April.

Government promises of increased trade and jobs from a deal with the EU ring hollow. Study after study show this deal will be bad for Canadian farmers and workers, and expensive for provincial health care systems.

CETA will put a freeze on climate change and environmental policy, and it threatens public water systems in Canada with rules that will increase privatization of public services.

Public awareness of CETA is slowly growing, but it’s time to increase the pressure on the federal, provincial and territorial governments to put a stop to the negotiations and hold a public debate now.


Sign and share the petition to Stop the Canada-EU free trade talks, and put the environment, jobs and public services before corporate profits!

Our federal, provincial and territorial governments have not been transparent about the risks CETA poses to workers, public services, environmental policy and local democracy. Sign the petition against CETA today and bring us a step closer to putting the needs of people and the planet before the profit motives of multinational companies.

For more information about CETA, visit www.canadians.org/CETA.

Action Alert from http://www.canadians.org/action/2011/CETA-petition-online.html