Guest Speaker: Glen Tjostheim, Senior Planner, Land Use Secretariat, Government of Alberta

The Government of Alberta has posted an online workbook available at for you to share your feedback on the South Saskatchewan Regional Advisory Council’s (RAC’s) advice on developing a regional plan for southern Alberta. We encourage you to participate in phase 2 of the regional planning process. The workbook will be available until December 19, 2011. Glen will present an update on:

The South Saskatchewan Regional Plan
addresses the following areas:
• water – develop options for improving source water protection and other means to protect watershed integrity;
• economic development – examine how the region should develop, aiming for the long-term success of the agriculture, energy, forestry, tourism industries and other economic opportunities;
• conservation – identify, conserve and restore landscapes valued for their water security, ecological function and biodiversity, considering development implications;
• recreation and tourism management – improve management of recreation use on public lands, identify locations of lands with high value for recreation and tourism; and,
• human development – examine development needs and healthy community objectives and consider the impacts to aboriginal communities.

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